“I personally guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with my school assembly show, I will refund 100% of the fee.” - Alex Zerbe

A Science Show with an Explosive Mix of Juggling and Fun!

Alex Zerbe is the world’s only professional Zaniac. He is a two-time Guinness World Record holder who uses his dynamic stage presence to excite students about science. His newest and greatest school assembly program is Gravity Catastrophe. The Zaniac takes a tornado of juggling skills, combines it with a whirlwind of science knowledge and sends it crashing directly into your student’s brain. With programs customized for grades Kindergarten - 8th, your students will learn about...

  • Acceleration of Gravity
  • Center of Mass
  • Simple Machines
  • The Scientific Method
  • Centripetal Force
  • Angular Momentum
  • The Solar System

Your students will be captivated as The Zaniac transforms an audience volunteer into a model of the inner solar system (asteroid belt included), juggles atoms with his feet, and catches a shovel with his face to demonstrate center of mass.

This interactive performance will spark your students' curiosity about science while keeping them thoroughly engaged. Click here to get more information about bringing Gravity Catastrophe to your school.

Click Here for Science Show Promo

Gravity Catastrophe has an accompanying Study Guide with activities, vocabulary terms, and more to deepen the understanding of the different scientific concepts.


“It was amazing how well you incorporated all the educational messages into the show. You were a huge inspiration to the students!”
- David Groth - 5th Grade Teacher at Sorensen Elementary

“The sixth graders wanted autographs! It is really hard to get them excited and it was delightful to see them so happy.”
- Jayne Tracy - Rose Hill Elementary Librarian

When you did your “At the Library Rap,” my son was like,”I’m gonna go home and do that!”
- Janina Pacunski - PTSA Secretary

“You kept the kids focused, entertained, and inspired. I would be happy to recommend you to any and everyone."
- Terry McClelland - 5th Grade Teacher at Harbor Heights Elementary

“OMG!! Your performance was EXCELLENT I really liked it!!!”
- Kilee Cameron - 5th grader at Carson Elementary School

“Alex was phenomenal. Not only were the kids having the best time ever but the teachers were rolling on the floor laughing. We loved the library and reading connection.”
- Jenny Hilger - School Librarian at Meridian Park Elementary

You were a HUGE hit with us this summer. More than one person has said that your show as the best they have EVER seen. I would echo that. We truly love your show! I can say for sure that we’d like to ask you back again.
- Ellen Duffy - Youth Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional Library System

“Many students and staff have approached me and offered their thanks for coordinating the assembly. I would highly recommend you to any other school.”
- Andrew Hershey - PE Teacher and Assembly Coordinator

"WOW! Alex was amazing! He performed for our graduating seniors on their all night graduation celebration, which means he performed, full of energy and wit, at 3AM. He had read our local paper and made jokes with the kids as if he'd known them for years. They loved it! I would HIGHLY recommend Alex. He is professional, extremely talented and accommodating! I would hire him again in a heart beat!"
- Liz Covert - Grad Night Coordinator, Friday Harbor High School

“You were fantastic, I loved it!”
- Noah Duszynski - 7th Grader

“His performances are high energy, fun for all ages and contain important messages about books, stories, reading and libraries. I hired him for a series of in-school assembly programs that are part of a promotion for our “Ready, Set, Read” series.
Not only are the performances outstanding, but Alex demonstrates a professional attitude, has good business sense and understands that details like being reliable, communicating and providing excellent promotional materials are also part of the job.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information, but be forewarned, I may just “gush” about Alex.”
- Deborah Schneider - Public Programs Coordinator, King County Library System